Robert CastleBob was born in suburban Philadelphia in 1951. He was educated 12 years in Catholic schools, attended Penn State University and received a B.A. in English. He took many courses in Literature, Writing, and History but had no inclination to become a teacher. However, it turned out that the one career job he had was teaching.

After college, pressured to find work, he ended up at a religious goods store. His experience here became the source for his first novel, BERTHCUT & SONS, but it was the low point of his life…read more

Pope Sixtus the Fourth by Robert CastleIt is the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Pope Sixtus IV. His namesake high school, will be honored that year, 1984, with a visit from Pope John Paul II, who will use the occasion to make a major announcement. The school administration, led by Father John Daherne, will dedicate the school year by preparing for this visit in May. The administration must organize the school’s component parts: teachers, students, staff, and parents, to achieve the proper tenor when they receive the Pope…read more

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