March/April 00: Marilyn Monroe/Louis Armstrong/Keith Haring/Being Woody Allen/The American Comedy/Best Films of 1999/The Man George Dubya Loves to Hate/Filmmaker Oscar Micheaux/Artist Herndon


 July/Aug. 00: The Blue Man Group/Lester Bangs/Glenn Gould/The Evolution of Pop and the Revolution of Style/Curly/When Killing Makes No Sense/Frankenstein/Female Graffiti Artists/Snuff Films/Machines of Sex and Death/Partridge Family/Incest in


Unlikely Stories

The Thought of Being a Borrower, elimae, 2006

The Reverend’s Revenge. 3 A.M., 2001

The Tour Must Continue. The Paumanok Review, 2005

Mate: a story in 42 moves. Eclectica, 2001

Victoria Falls. 5_trope, 2001

Baptism au jus, Opium, 2009

The Dalmy Brothers, Fiction Warehouse, 2002

The Heart Keeps Ticking, Fiction Funhouse, 2002

The Right Woman. Big Stupid Review, 2009